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What does the extra hour mean for you?

So daylight savings happened here in Illinois yesterday, Sunday. I don't love the time change on either side, fall back/spring forward. I've never really understood it and I still don't. I also don't understand how some states do it and some don't. Who decides that?

However, I do feel as if I have some extra time. Of course this could all be in my head. I was ready to get up at 6am this morning and usually I'm like 'nope' and I roll back over. Not today. I was ready to start my day and I started with Reiki self treatment.

Ok you might be thinking, what the heck is Reiki? How do you Reiki self treat?

Reiki is energy healing and the term Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for 'Universal Life Energy'. It is an oral tradition that is passed on only through person to person relationship with a Reiki Master.

This past weekend I was attuned to the energy of Reiki 1st degree! It was an amazing experience and one that I was very excited about. I've had interest in learning more about Reiki for several years and once I started to have Reiki treatments I knew I needed to learn more. Fortunately, Natural Pathways Reiki Center is in the same building as Move. Pilates & Yoga. I reached out to the owner Karen Ridinger regarding training and to receive treatments myself. Once I connected with Karen she advised me when the next 1st degree training was going to be held and I knew it was something I was going to do.

I know this training and shift in my energy is why I find myself able to wake up and ready to start my day. I've already adjusted my morning routine to ensure I complete my Reiki treatment first thing before I do anything else. I've set my alarm to 6am so I have plenty of time for Reiki, stretching, coffee, cards and breakfast. Today, I also had to time to get on my Reformer for a 30 minute workout before heading to the studio.

My daughter even allowed me to practice a Reiki treatment on her and it really adjusted her mood and dare I say, helped her relax. That's huge win in my book. Her motivation and attitude today are vastly different.

I look forward to deepening my knowledge of Reiki and I will continue my self treatments to assist in my energy healing abilities. My family is going to have some major energy shifts as they will be receiving Reiki treatments all of the time.

If you'd like to learn more about Reiki or receive a Reiki treatment yourself please reach out as I am more than happy to share this energy healing with you!

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