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Pilates or...?

I recently had a friend reach out to me to schedule a session for her son. He plays college baseball and has always wanted to try Pilates. So, of course I was more than willing and excited to get him in. I mean I think all athletes, hell all people should be doing Pilates. Am I right?

I scheduled him as soon as I could knowing he has to head back to school soon. He is in the middle of workouts and throwing practice because their season starts next month. So, the question came up about whether it was a good idea for him to do Pilates while doing his workouts for baseball. Now he was going to come regardless but it got me thinking about Pilates and what it does for you and for your life. It's not Pilates or...? It's Pilates and!

I, personally, have never thought that I couldn't do Pilates because I was doing another activity. If anything I will do my Pilates before depending on the activity. I believe Joseph Pilates' intention was that Pilates (aka: Contrology) be done everyday. Pilates helps all your other activities be that much better.

Pilates is different in that you are working on smaller/deeper muscle groups and those are areas that aren't typically affected by regular workouts or activities. As my young baseball player began to discover during his session. He even asked or stated 'I should probably do this before my games!' Yes, 100%! He also said 'I thought I was strong!' He is very strong but those deep muscles will keep you honest.

So, whatever your activity is add Pilates and I can promise you it will be different. You will feel different. You will be more aware of your body in space. You will be more aware of how you are moving and where you are moving from. Yes that's what Pilates does.

Never again will it be Pilates or...?

From now on it will always be Pilates and..!

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